Deadline for submission of applications: on-demand, before 1 September 2021

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) are institutional visits by researchers or scholars
aimed at fostering cooperation and collaboration. These visits should specifically
contribute to the scientific objectives of this COST Action “LGBTI+ Social and Economic
(In)equalities,” (CA19103; henceforth ‘Action’), which are outlined in detail in the
Memorandum of Understanding. You may find the eligibility provisions, along with further
specifics, conditions and information, in the Action’s STSM Guidelines and section 8 of
the COST Vademecum. Please read these two documents carefully before submitting an
By the end of the mission, the applicant must present a rapport about:

  • the degree of recognition of social and economic LGBTQ+ rights in the host country
  • an example/mini-case study of a controversial aspect related to LGBTQ+ social and
    economic rights as they are exercised in practice in the host country

Financial Support & Duration

The minimum duration for an STSM is 5 calendar days including travel. The financial
support in the form of an STSM Grant covers travel, accommodation and meal expenses.
A maximum of EUR 1,250 can be allocated to each successful applicant for the entire
STSM duration, with a EUR 300 maximum for travel and EUR 160 per day for
accommodation and meal expenses. Please note that the awarded grant will be paid only
after the STSM has been completed in accordance with STSM conditions.

Application procedure

In order to submit an application, please follow the steps below:

  1. Register for an e-COST profile at, adding your bank
    account details to your profile (if a returning applicant or already in possession of a
    COST profile please move to step 2).
  2. Complete the application form at the STSM application section of your e-COST
    profile on, uploading the following documentation:
    a. Motivation Letter
    In the section of the online application titled “Motivation and Workplan
    Summary”, enter a motivation letter (max. 2.000 words) including:
    – Aims and objectives, description, expected results, and dissemination of the
    work/activities to be performed;
    – Justification for the choice of the Host Institution;
    – Diagram or table (e.g. Gantt chart) of duties to be performed (work plan);
    – Contribution towards the scientific objectives of the Action and benefits to the
    b. Letter of support from the Home Institution;
    c. Letter of invitation from the Host Institution, under the supervision of a senior
    researcher affiliated to that institution;
    d. Full CV (max. 3 pages), including a list of academic publications if applicable
    (font: 12 pt. Times New Roman, page borders: 1.2 inches, line spacing 1,5).
  3. Submit and download your application.
    You will be notified of the outcome by the Action’s STSM Coordinator on the outcome
    notification date of the call.

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