LGBTI+ People at the Workplace Stakeholder’s Meeting (registrations closed)

LGBTI+ People at the Workplace: Bridging the gaps between academia, employers, employees, trade unions, civil society, institutions and policymakers.

11-12 September 2023 – University of Malta, Valletta Campus

Under the umbrella of COST Action LGBTI+ Social and Economic (In)Equalities, we are pleased to announce a Stakeholders’ Meeting, strategically scheduled just ahead of the EuroPride Human Rights Conferencein Malta. Our aim is to bring together up to 50 participants from diverse national and international sectors, including civil society organisations, trade unions, businesses,employees, academics, governments, politicians and policymakers.

We are seeking individuals and organisations actively involved in addressing LGBTI+ workplace issues and familiar with the challenges faced by LGBTI+ individuals at work.This event goes beyond the traditional conference format, adopting a workshop approach to foster meaningful connections and collaboration among stakeholders,colleagues, partners, and allies. Through interactive discussions, we will delve into the current state of affairs for LGBTI+ individuals in the workplace, identify challenges andgaps, assess ongoing efforts by different stakeholders, and explore opportunities for enhanced collaboration across sectors. Visit the event website for further information regarding the programme, accommodation and logistics.

For detailed information, please visit the event’s website.

We invite you to submit your expression as soon as possible using this form. There is no registration fee for this event. Please, be aware that participants will be responsible for covering their own travel and accommodation expenses in Malta.

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