5th Call for Short Term Scientific Missions (registrations closed)

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) are institutional visits by researchers or scholars aimed at fostering cooperation and collaboration. These visits should specifically contribute to the scientific objectives of this COST Action “LGBTI+ Social and Economic (In)equalities,” (CA19103; henceforth ‘Action’), which are outlined in detail in the Memorandum of Understanding for the implementation of the COST Action.

By the end of the mission, the applicant must present a rapport strictly concerning the modes/types/frames of interaction between LGBTQI+ community groups (e.g. Civil Society Organisations, labour unions, political parties, informal support/protest groups) and state authorities or other mainstream social, economic, political or cultural actors. It is mandatory to put a particular emphasis on setting the agenda and on exploring/explaining how demands from LGBTQI+ groups are shaped and negotiated with different institutions and stakeholders on a local, regional, national level, also including the European framework.

To review all the details and learn how to apply, please the Call for 5th Round of STSM’s (Sept 2023 – Oct 2023).

Please note that this call has been closed in October 2023. More STSM will be announced soon.

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