An enthusiastic network of researchers

We understand the importance of connecting with other people working on similar subjects, not only to exchange ideas but experiences but also to create a supportive community.

About Us

We are a network of researchers working on LGBTI+ inequalities across Europe and beyond. The network is interdisciplinary in nature and focuses on identifying and addressing social and economic challenges faced by LGBTI+ communities as well as supporting future generations of scholars working in this field.

By uniting researchers, civil society organizations, industry partners, and stakeholders, we believe we can address inequalities experienced by LGBTI+ communities

The Challenge

As a network we aim to address LGBTI+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and queer) social and economic (in)equalities at a time of increased vulnerability for gender and sexual minorities in Europe.

The Action will take concrete steps to break scholarly disciplinary silos, work across diverse cultural contexts, engage with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and the public at large. We will also work with government, non-governmental policy organisations, trade unions and businesses.

With 30 joining members representing 14 European countries and 10 disciplines, three Working Groups (WGs) will be established in areas where social and economic inequalities shape the everyday lives of LGBTI+ people: Families and Communities; Employment and Economic Well-being; and Social and Legal Inclusion. 

Despite existing legal protections against discrimination, LGBTI+ individuals continue to face challenges in Europe, particularly in certain EU countries and neighbouring nations. These difficulties extend to research networking since academics often remain hidden. Data remains scarce since gender and sexual identity is not commonly surveyed.

Our Events

We work to encourage governments to include information on gender and sexual identities in data collection and to consider the specific challenges facing these groups when formulating policy initiatives. Broader networking will include the delivery of online courses, Training schools, Short-term Scientific and Policy Missions, and community engagement. 

Working Group Meetings

Our commitment to nurturing connections knows no bounds! Through these meetings, we’re strengthening bonds across countries, generations, and genders, fostering a rich tapestry of perspectives that drive research excellence both in Europe and beyond.

Short Term Scientific Missions

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) are institutional visits by researchers or scholars aimed at fostering cooperation and collaboration. These visits should specifically contribute to the scientific objectives of this COST Action.

LGBTI+ Mentoring Programme

The purpose of the mentoring program includes building a support network between researchers with different academic experiences and backgrounds, empowering early-stage researchers and supporting stable and creative relationships between scholars involved in LGBTI+ studies.

Summer Schools on LGBTI+ Inequalities

The Summer School offers a combination of lectures on methodological issues related to the analysis of LGBTQI+ inequalities from a life cycle perspective, a series of group work activities and a student presentation at the final day of the Summer School.


“The Short Term Scientific Mission helped complete a research at the University of the Witwatersrand and meet scholars working in my field in South Africa. I'm excited about the positive impact we're making together in the COST Action, and I look forward to future opportunities for learning and connecting."
Pedro, Ph.D Candidate
Short Term Scientific Mission
"Thanks COST Action LGBTI+ Inequalities for sponsoring this productive workshop in at Kassel University. It has been a fantastic opportunity to not only delve into the complexities of LGBTI+ inequalities but also to build connections and friendships within the academic community."
Dr. Soledad, Marie-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow
Working Group Meeting
"The Venice Summer School was an excellent opportunity for collaborative learning with young academics and scholars from a wide range of geographical and disciplinary backgrounds. It prominently featured an intersectional approach, embracing and celebrating a rich diversity of sexual orientations and gender identities."
Dr. Ignacio, Professor and Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator
Summer School