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🌍🌈 Learn more about our online conferences on LGBTI inequalities. Designed for global access, these conferences empower diverse voices to engage in impactful discussions, collaborating with stakeholders and universities in our network. Dive into vital LGBTI equality topics, learn from renowned experts, and connect with a passionate community that shares your commitment to inclusivity and change. 🚀🌟

Centring Intersex: Global and Local Dimensions – International Conference
University of Huddersfield (Online)
20th – 23th February 2023

🖥️ The conference facilitated the ongoing development of an international network of scholars, students, and stakeholders with an interest in supporting intersex people’s equality, wellbeing, and social and economic success. It generated original knowledge across a range of fields and academic disciplines. The conference also generated improved policy advice for key stakeholders especially those in policy and practice positions across sectors such as healthcare, education, and social work. The action also facilitated greater data collection by bringing scholars and other stakeholders together and showcasing research, both quantitative and qualitative. For more details, visit the event’s website. 🟨🟣🟨

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